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What is an FFL to FFL transfer?

An FFL to FFL transfer is another term for firearm transfers. Usually this term is used when a person purchases a firearm online and needs to find a way to have it shipped to them. As FFL dealers we can not ship a firearm directly to an unlicensed individual, but a firearm can be shipped to another FFL for you to complete the paperwork and background check for pickup. By shipping between dealers ffl transfers are able to be completed in much safer and more efficient manner for all parties involved.

FFL Transfer fee:

$25 for each firearm

$20 for each firearm for Military, Veterans, First Responders

Is there a process to complete a ffl transfer?

Yes there is a process to follow that helps make things go as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Place your firearm order with the seller for the firearm(s) that you are purchasing.

Step 2: If the dealer has our information on file then all you need to do is select us as your FFL If the seller does not have our information on file then they can email us at  hwy380pawn21@yahoo.com or call us @972-734-6212. 

Step 3: Once the firearm comes in we will give you a call to arrange for you to come in and complete your paperwork for your NICS background check.  Make sure you look at the shipping standards of the company you are ordering from as some can take over a week to ship your firearm.

What do I do when it comes in?

Once your firearm arrives we will contact you so you can schedule to come in and complete the paperwork for your NICS background check.  When you come in to pick up the firearm we will have you look over your purchase first. If anything is wrong with the firearm or is is not what you purchased then then you must decide if you want to accept the firearm or return it.

If you choose to move forward with the firearm transfer then you will need to complete the ATF form 4473 (firearms transaction record). The rightful owner of the firearm must fill out the paperwork for the NICS check. Once complete we will submit the information online for the background check. If a proceed response comes back to us then the customer pays and may leave with their new firearm. If a delayed response is returned then the customer must wait 3 business days before coming back to pick up their firearm unless another response is received beforehand. 

What do I need to bring with me?

A government issued photo identification that is not expired:

TX driver’s license or

TX State issued ID card

Anything else I need to know?

If you have your firearm shipped for pick up and you have something come up that keeps you from being able to pick up in a timely manner then please call to let us know that something is going on. We do not mind working with our customers, but we do appreciate communication. 


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