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Pawn Loans

Here’s the process:

  • 1. Bring in a valuable item you own to the shop.
  • 2. We will assess the item’s current condition and potential resale value to determine how much it's worth or will strive to get to the amount you need if possible.
  • 3. If you accept the loan, you're given the cash and a pawn ticket. Hold onto the ticket — don't lose it. You'll need to present it to the shop to get your item back.
  • 4. You should return to the shop within 30 to 60 days, to extend, renew or pick up your item. You’ll pay off the loan, plus the interest and fees. The charges are state regulated.

You might extend the loan — and pay more interest and fees. You also have the option to not repay the loan: We will keep your item, and the transaction is complete. We don’t report you to the credit bureaus because it’s a collateral loan.  

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